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I'm not quite sure what happened, but the XXXBlackBook site says they violated their terms of service, so I'm not recommending them anymore. Your best option is ULust. Click here for the full review

I have reviewed many of the best adult dating sites on the web and on this page I will assess XXXBlackBook. This is a medium-size casual sex service that people use to find flings and it has fair membership prices and some nice-looking features.

I am not here to claim that this is the best sex dating service around and it certainly has both advantages and disadvantages. Some might like it, some might hate it – but it's definitely a site worth hearing about. I have included all the major facts in my review – membership costs, interactive features, special options, etc. Read through, pay attention and make your own call regarding whether or not this is a hookup service you could enjoy.

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What do I think?

You can't write a review without visiting the relevant site and before I even started listing a word in my XXXBlackBook review, I have browsed, chatted, played and truly experienced this site. I enjoyed the fact that everything was easily accessible and I think that even if you have never used an adult dating site in your life, you should be able to locate everything in no time. There are some images and some web cams, but the sexy singles are at the center and you can check out their profiles in a single click and conduct searches with no hassle. I think the best way to get to know this site is simply to look at some profiles and maybe chat a bit. This way, you will get a better feeling of what you can do and your potential sex dates,

XXXBlackBook members

I liked the sense of intimacy that XXX Black Book creates. This is pretty rare in an age when the larger adult dating communities flaunt millions of online users and often turn into a gigantic hub. I don’t know how this site manages this, but the babes here are really in a league of their own. These are beauties that are sensual, open-minded and many of the ones I've chatted with were also smart and witty, but they all want to have sex with strangers, luckily for the guys that use this site. Remember though that you're dealing with real chicks, so don’t expect the main images to feature a lot of nudity. If you want more photos after you text or IM with a babe, just ask. I've done this with a few hotties and they were all happy to oblige.        

Some little extras

You can interact with the sexy singles online using a variety of methods: Emails, IMs, live sex chats and flirts. The site has a large selection of member videos and photos as well as hardcore XXX videos which only Gold members can enjoy and you can send emoticons, host your own web cam show, read sexy twits of other members and browse through profiles. You won’t find any special, unusual feature here though – it's all nice, but fairly ordinary.


Before you can start browsing this online dating service, you will need to fill in a few details, but that shouldn't take more than half a minute. All you'll be required to do is to state what kind of flings you're looking for, your age, your gender and then choose a user name and type in your email. No credit card is needed for the initial free membership and there is no commitment on your side.

Register to XXX Black Book

How to chat

Chatting is very simple. You just need to battle the difficult choice between member chat rooms and model chat rooms, and this is not an easy one. On the one hand the live camgirls are perfect – curvy bodies, eager wet mouths and legs that don’t quit… oh, and did I mention the asses? On the other hand, the member chats are special – each has its own rhythm and style and you never know what's going to happen once you're inside. Still confused? I say try one or two of each and see what works for you, and if you still can’t decide – just mix it up.

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What's the video quality like?

Don't expect some fantastic quality when you chat on this hookup service. The people here are just ordinary people and their web cameras are just regular web cams – nothing out of the ordinary. Streaming is good though and the site certainly has a fine platform.

Money, money, money

XXX Black Book offers a limited free membership – not limited in time, but limited in the stuff you can do with it and the content you can access. Silver membership is $29.95 per month and $59.95 for three months.Gold membership carries a price tag of$9.95 for a 2 day trial, which is undoubtedly pricey and a single full month costs $34.95. Three months of Gold membership cost a total of $69.95 and a whole year is a total of $119.95, which is only $9.99 per month. I was  a bit bored this afternoon, so I made you a nice' clear chart to help you track the costs. I seriously need to get myself another hobby.





Not available

2 Days $9.95

1 Month



3 Months

$59.95($19.98 per month)

 $69.95 ($23.32 per month)


Not available

$119.95 ($9.99 per month)

Prices on

How to pay

You can pay for membership and sexchats with your credit card and this sex dating community works with Visa, Diners, Discover and MasterCard. Feel free to also use your PayPal, which amazingly enough is accepted here.

The number of Sexy Singles

What does it matter how many hot singles are registered to this website? It only matters how many live in your area, right? Still, loyal as always to my task of creating the very best XXBlackBook review ever written, I have conducted several searches and concluded that there were a few hundreds of options in major cities in Europe and North America. This is not some massive community, but I don’t think you'll be unhappy with the selection, especially considering that the babes are sizzling, but don’t expect a lot of camgirl chats – only 40 or so were online whenever I checked.

Available singles on this XXX dating service

Customer service

When in doubt, scroll to the bottom – that's where most online dating services hide the info. In this case the bottom menu has FAQ, billing assistance and the Customer Support link. Enjoy.

Thumbs up and thumbs down

Thumbs up

✔- The women here could fill up my little black book anytime
✔- There's a clear separation between member sex chats and model webcams
✔- It's pretty easy to find a casual sex partner – the babes here are very keen

Thumbs down

✖- I wish there were some more unique features
✖- The trial Gold membership is outright expensive
✖- Some locations have a very limited number of possible hookups

My considered opinion

There is a big difference between a massive adult dating portal such as AdultFriendFinder and The latter is a smaller, more intimate hangout for people who are not interested in wasting time, but just want to get laid as fast as they possibly can and only need partners. There's something very naughty about XXXBlackBook, but it's really more like some exclusive club with high-class members, and if that's the atmosphere you enjoy, you're going to have an incredible time. The babes are more stunning than anything I've seen on any other adult dating site, and if you sign up for a year, you get a pretty great deal. Now, enough of my yapping. Go give the site a try and see if it meets your standards.

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