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Hello again, my porn-loving mates. Yes, it's me, the self-styled sex-cam expert ready and willing to educate you about yet another of those amazing cam sites the web is liberally littered with. This time I am going to be visiting a kinda specialist corner of the blue web, one that I really should know a little more about if I am truly deserving of the title of sex-cam expert, even if I awarded it to me myself. The site I'm reviewing - as you know as why else would you be here? - Is

Okay, so we're gonna find out what's different in the world of shemale cams, and really, if you think about it, the answer is pretty obvious. But first, as usual, the background buzz about the site. There's actually not much info around about the site except that it was born in 2011, or at least the proper site was as someone had registered such a juicy domain name a long time ago, and used it to re-direct people to some very amateur looking sites. Anyhow, the site is actually run by the same dudes as run, which is something that should get you quite excited from the get-go. Anyhow, read on ...


A sexy cam she-male

What do I think?

As soon as I landed on the site I had a definite case of deja vu, and tried to adjust the colours on my laptop. Take a look at the pic below and you'll see what I mean - if you've ever seen that is ... and if you're a cam connoisseur then I hope you have an up and running free membership at least at the finest sex cam site on the web. At first I thought was just apeing the successful set up of LiveJasmin, but I dug a little deeper and found out that is basically a stripped down version of LiveJasmin, with everything not pertaining to chicks-with-dicks scrubbed out. Now, don't you go thinking that's a bad thing (for reasons I'll go into later) because it ain't, because as you know if you've read my review of LiveJasmin I think it's the boss when it comes to adult sex chat sites. It cannot be beaten - pure and simple. So, is basically lite, for shemale fans.

Of course, as the site has all the functionality of, although it's really only the very basic stuff that's survived the chop. You can browse the cams, or slip through the categories until you find the specific niche that suits your needs the most.

Live MyTrannyCams Site

The quality of the shemale models is absolutely top notch, so if the kind of lucky people who in a way enjoy the best of both worlds is what turns you on, then you are going to be really enthusiastic about The only thing I would say though is that while there are plenty of models at the site, there doesn't seem to be a lot of punters. This means that the transsexual performers can get a little desperate for you to go private, so expect the same if you're in a room all on your lonesome. On the plus side they might get a little risque in order to persuade you to part with your hard-bought credits.

Some little extras

Well, as the site has been around since 2011, and is basically's's "transsexuals" section with a different domain name, it's a little surprising that there aren't that many little extras. In fact, in comparison to most other sites, there are zero.


If sex cams are your thing, then I assume you're already at least registered at If you are, then registration is very easy at, as you're already automatically registered! Just sign in with your username and password. If you're not registered at LiveJasmine, then all you need to supply is a username, password and a valid email address for your confirmation email.

Registration at MyTrannyCams

How to chat

There are not a great many options. There's free chat, and then there's the private chat if you want your chick-with-a-dick to entertain you in a super sex way.

Good chattin'

What's the video quality like?

As it's the LiveJasmin servers, you'd be very surprised if the quality wasn't exceptional - and there's no need to be surprised. Some of the sex cam performers struggle to provide enough bandwidth, but others stream in brilliant quality, even at SD levels.

Money, money, money

Same prices as LiveJasmin, of course. On the table below only the US prices are fixed. The site changes the EUR and GBP prices in line with exchange rates:

Getting ready to enjoy some xxx she-male chat

How to pay:

Mastercard, Visa (all varieties), Diner's Club, JCB, Maestro, Switch, Solo and Discover ways to pay, and by registering your plastic, you get yourself 10.99 in free credits. You can also pay by UKash, European Direct Debit or Sofort Banking. If none of those are suitable, you can pay by phone.

The number of models

Just a little over 6,000 she-males are registered at the site, with around 50ish online at a time. As I said above it's more a shortage of punters that's a problem at

Lots of lovely models

Customer service

Customer service is super-speedy at LiveJasmin... er ... You can call them, drop them an email or use live chat. Support is available 24-7, and you can use the FAQs first to see if your query can be answered there.

Thumbs up and thumbs down

Thumbs up

✔ - Really, top-class models in all shapes, sizes and dimensions
✔ - The place is really professional and utterly trustworthy
✔ - Brilliant quality cams

Thumbs down

✖ - If you used, then you'll feel a little short-changed with features at this sister site

My considered opinion

I guess if hot-for-it transsexual performers are a real turn on for you, then you won't go wrong at The fact that the site is a stripped-down version of means you can easily take advantage of all the professionalism that LiveJasmin offers. Top models, easy pricing, plenty of payment options (including pay by phone), eager-to-please sex cam models ... just what more could you possibly want? Well, I agree a few little extras would not go amiss, but other than that ... ? Top site, top models - go on, treat yourself, go there now!


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