Are There Sites like LiveJasmin and Are They Any Good?

Let me start off by saying that I am not surprised when guys ask me if I could find sites like LiveJasmin. In fact, this is one of the least surprising questions I get. Believe me, you don’t want to read my emails – some of you guys have got some very quirky interests and somehow they all end up in my inbox. Yet I can certainly see why so many of you are eager to locate other adult webcam services that are similar to the one and only Live Jasmin. It offers an intriguing mix of near perfection: Superb, innovative webcam chat platform, an astounding collection of breathtaking camgirls and most surprising of all: Very affordable prices that can go as low as a dollar per minute. That's almost too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, I am convinced that any visitor of LiveJasmin would vouch for the accuracy of this last description and if anything, words fail to capture the numerous advantages of this incredibly popular portal.

Guys from every corner of the world come to this website to chat with the hottest babes that ever lived and to invite them for a private session. When they're done chatting, many figure out that they want to see more shows, chat with more chicks and ultimately decide that they wish there were a few other options of the same style. This is usually the point when I get an email. So, today we have two questions under discussion: Are there web sites like LiveJasmin and is any of them any good? Bear with me for a short while and I will try and offer a decent answer to this important question. Is One of the Top Sex Cam Sites

I just get really excited when I encounter a great adult web cam site – not just an okay one or a good one, but a truly flabbergasting, awesome XXX cam service that knows users and knows how to give them what they crave for. Even after years of chatting with sexy camgirls, coming across such a service makes my shiver, makes my mouth water and that's exactly how I felt on the very first time that I've visited This is a feisty sex cam community – loads of beautiful busty women with long legs and hot asses, or short ones with perky tits and cute smiles. There is a large variety of chat rooms including some fetish chats and the platform works very well and includes all of the webcam features that a user needs to have a blast online. Then there are the prices, which in this case are so low that they're almost digging. You can chat with nude webcam performers for only 0.88 per minute or even just for 0.20, if you throw in some additional member discounts. This adult cam site has relatively complex membership options, so read my full review for the full details. Just know this: All memberships are totally free, and there are plenty of promotions and sexy web cam extras for users who stick around. Will Serve You Your Fantasies on a Plate

There are few adult cam sites that are guaranteed to serve exactly the dish you're hungry for as, which of course makes it very much like Live Jasmin. Want me to name other similarities? No problem! Both of these websites have an almost endless number of live chat rooms (well, endless is a big word, but a few thousands of live chat rooms is as close as you get to infinity in the XXX webcam industry) and lustful, hot camgirls. Both of these websites will allow you to enjoy nude chats for as little as a credit per minute, and both are not only well-designed and friendly, but also offer top-notch features and the best customer service that you will ever encounter. These two sexcam services don’t just happen to look the same – they've been competing for a long time and while at some points over time one was on the lead, today both have numerous fans and are doing great business. is therefore a sweet alternative and I am pretty sure that you will have the time of your life chatting with the amateur camgirls and just testing the water. There's a free membership, of course, and also unlimited free chat room access, so you can simply join and then make a more informed assessment. Has Many Perky Camgirls and Fun Chat Rooms

Now let's explore, just for a moment, the splendid and popular It may not be as large or as premium as LiveJasmin, but it is definitely one of the leading adult webcam sites in the industry and once you try it once, you will instantly understand why it's included in this list. The selection of beautiful women would have been enough of a persuasion, but just wait until they see what they do when you get them to a private chat. They say they're amateurs and the look like amateurs, but they know more about webcam sex than you will ever be able to learn. This is a fun, laidback and just a cheerful webcam chat community where perky camgirls will treat you like a king and there are some that offer live porn shows for a pretty low cost. Don't lose sight of your budget though, because some of the performers here charge more than they should – few, that much is true, but you still need to keep your eyes open. If you are interested in learning more about this adult cam service, go directly to my review page. If, however, you now have that itch that needs some scratching – just join and start chatting, it's going to be even better than you expect. is a Professional Cam Site – but an Extra Kinky One

Over the years while review the best adult webcam site that the internet has to offer I have, I must admit, encountered some of the darker passions of the human soul. If you look long enough, you're bound to find a man who is turned on by anything imaginable and many of these desires are not just dirty – they're borderline obscene. Am I sounding judgmental? This is not my intention at all. In fact, I am intrigued by the fact that no matter what you enjoy, there is also bound to be a webcam model that will be able to give you what you need – happy to give it to you actually. You may be dreaming about being spanked, or hogtied, or humiliated or obeyed or just want to see a hot nude babe prancing around in high heels while she smokes – in any event, you can get your fantasy fulfilled, not on any adult cam site – but certainly on large and colorful portals such LiveJasmin and, yes, This is a fantastic XXX chat community that deals with kinks and amateurs. The live porn shows you'll watch here won't all be very professional, but they're not likely to get boring either. If you're ever in the mood for a kinky game, do yourself a huge favor: Stop by and lose your way out.

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