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More and more businesses around the globe now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. This virtual currency has soared beyond everyone’s expectations, laughed at the face of the skeptics and continued to become a serious, standard and exceedingly popular payment option. However, live sex cams still, for the most part, don’t accept this virtual currency. There are many who work with credit cards and debits, some that offer alternative methods such as bank transfer and SMS payments and even a few websites that feature PayPal sex cams, but hardly any portal works with Bitcoin.

This is surprising. Service providers have incentives to use Bitcoin because it has substantially lower fees and no chargebacks. Many leading companies already work with Bitcoin, which is a bit unusual, but hardly unfamiliar, so why don’t webcam sites – part of the adult industry that has always been famous for innovation – don’t allow it?

Well, that’s not exactly true. has indeed welcomed Bitcoin on an early stage but for about two seconds. The site quickly changed its mind and users who wanted to pay for sexcam credits with their Bitcoin were again, left without any alternatives. So sad… but now it’s all about to change. I have scouted the internet and have discovered that now accepts Bitcoin and simply lists it as one of its standard payment options. No need to search any further folks! Just read through the rest of this article and then go spend your Bitcoin on a naked camgirl – or a dozen.


Pay for SexCams Using Bitcoins on the Sexy, Friendly


It’s easy to figure out why guys – and girls, like to use Bitcoins on nude chat rooms. First of all, this is a simple and quick payment method which takes out a lot of the hassle you sometime have when you try to make a wire transfer or pay over the phone. Also, it might come as a shock to you, but many people today still don’t have credit cards or prefer not to use them online. Yea yea, I know it sounds odd in an age when EBay and Amazon rule the planet, but some people have principles or just prefer to avoid this trend. Finally, this is a private payment option. People of adult chat rooms are often, for obvious reason, zealous about their privacy and they prefer to keep things anonymous. I mean, let’s say a specific sexcam user is married (not that I understand why anyone would want to make this mistake, but it looks like many do). He can use his credit card to pay for credits and worry about his wife snooping around. Sure, most of the best adult webcam sites have some normal-looking name for the credit bills – computer services, some unsuspicious name – whatever, but still, a wife who likes to stay on top of expenses might wonder why her spouse keeps spending so much on computers. If the guy uses Bitcoins though… well, no one will ever find out. This is a great way to control your expenses on live web cams without risking exposure and for some men, this type of assurance is more important than anything.

Well, on you can do exactly that – quick, simple, private. This brings even more users to this already trendy website and they are spending Bitcoins like there’s no tomorrow.

LiveJasmin Has Many Added Advantages for Sex Chat Seekers

With all due respect to this payment methods, I hope you know that I wouldn’t be recommending this website if that was its only advantage. I mean, sure – paying on XXX chat rooms is a serious matter, but the main point of adult webcam sites are… well… the adult webcams. The rest, while important, is only secondary.  

Luckily, in this case, you get it all. LiveJasmin has always been one of my favorite sexcam services and it’s not too difficult to guess why. This is not just a great webcam sex site – this is the Rolls-Royce of the industry and it’s one of the leading options for any user, in any category. If you have never seen live chat rooms before, you will be impressed. If you’ve been chatting with sexy webcam models for years, you will be even more awed – because you will have something to compare it to.  There are horny wives that get very naughty when their cuckold husbands are off earning money, gorgeous black women with mocha tits and Ebony asses, obedient Asian camgirls, wild redheads, sweet-tempered blondes and sassy, lusty, hot Latinas. This is the ideal option for chubby chasers, for guys who like skinny model-like beauties and for fans of boobs in all sizes. has a large fetish webcam category, MILF cams, couple sex cams and I am just getting started. Instead of wasting your time and mine counting all of these categories, I invite you to go check out the choices yourself. Anyway, I think you got my point: This is a fantastic portal and not only does it have more live chat rooms and a bigger selection than any of its competitors, it also has something that few sites have: Bitcoin sex cams. Didn’t I tell you that you can have it all? I did. and XLoveCam Also Offer Bitcoin Sex Chats

I might have given you the impression that LiveJasmin is the only adult cam site that works with this virtual currency, but this is no longer true. Two more websites – and XLoveCam have both recently added Bitcoin to their list of payment options, meaning that users have more alternatives than ever before. Needless to say, is still the most popular choice, because, as I mentioned above, it has numerous other advantages that make it irresistible. The two additional sex cam services are good-enough substitutes if for some reason you prefer to try something new – and they both have a reasonable selection of live camgirls, but they fall in the midsize category and are more ideal for guys who don’t feel at ease on the largest webcam communities. They’re both reliable, sexy and have many fans though, so feel free to check them out. I think it’s safe to speculate that in the future we can see many more porn chat services that will accept Bitcoin, but only time will tell. Meanwhile, be happy with the choices you have and use your Bitcoins well.

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